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Smartphone UV sanitizer attachment

Smartphone UV sanitizer attachment

Smartphone UV sanitizer attachment

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Mini Instant Sterilizer (Android Version)

 Power: 0.4w

Output voltage: 5V

Input voltage: DC3.7V

main application

1. Household items, kitchen utensils, washing tools, etc., to meet people's home and travel sterilization needs;

2. Infants and babies, pacifiers, toys, dining tables, chairs and other bacteria are still growing after cleaning. Take a picture with an instant sterilizer, and the bacteria and virus DNA will be destroyed instantly;

3. Precautions when going out, such as bus handrails, public toilets, shopping carts, micro wounds;

4. Office environment, keyboard and mouse, cash register keyboard, telephone headset, conference room supplies, etc .;

5. Personal belongings, watches, jewellery, various cards, key cases, etc.

Colour: Black

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